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Fresh Batch  Beverage LLC.

Your Local Batched Cocktail Experts

High Quality Local
Pre-Batched Cocktails

At Fresh Batch Beverage, we know that keeping the bar running smoothly is no easy feat. That’s why we created our company – to take the stress out of creating delicious drinks. Our team of industry professionals put in all the work for you, ensuring that our cocktails are made to perfection and ready for you to use on-demand. With our easy-to-use formats and top-notch ingredients, you can give your customers the top-notch service they deserve and free up your bartenders to focus on serving their customers.


Just Pull a Tap and Serve

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Turn Headaches into Profit

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Our Products

Ready to Hook up at your Denver Area Locations


Espresso Martini

We turn this notoriously difficult cocktail into a breeze. Just add your choice of Vodka or Tequila, we have recipes for both, and you are ready to go. No espresso machine or cold brew Liquor necessary.


Ginger Beer

Spicy and citrusy, our locally made ginger beer is perfect as the base for a Moscow Mule, or to be served alone as a tapped mocktail. 

Making Cocktails

Bespoke Cocktails

Tell us what your customers love but is a pain to make and we will come up with a custom cocktail solution to make your life as easy as one, two, three.

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